Your Savings, Your Way

Do you have enough money saved for your emergency fund? How about for retirement? Growing your savings can be tough. You put away a little every month, but then an unexpected expense either prevents that or eats into what you’ve saved. Now, First Nebraska Bank has a special offer that can help you earn higher interest on your money and increase your savings.

For a Limited Time: Dual-Option 30-Month CD

Our dual-option 30-month certificate of deposit (CD)* allows you to invest without worrying about what direction rates go. It offers a fixed 2.29% annual percentage yield, and you can withdraw up to half of the initial deposit amount one time over the course of the initial term with no penalty. You also have the option to add up to half of the initial deposit amount to your CD anytime during the initial term. Certain restrictions apply.

Whether you’re working toward a new home, a dream vacation or your retirement, don’t wait to start increasing your savings. Contact a First Nebraska Bank representative now to start accelerating your savings.

* Minimum deposit is $5,000. First Nebraska Bank CD account deposits are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 per account holder. Please contact a representative for further details.

† Interest rate is 2.27%. CD product rates are fixed upon opening the account. Early withdrawal penalties apply.

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