September Tips

Four Important Steps to Do Right Now to Protect Yourself from Hackers

Although online information security is constantly improving, so are the tools and techniques of those that want to break that security and get your private information. Why does a hacker want your Facebook, Twitter or Gmail login information? What can they gain from being able to see my Yahoo emails?What Do Hackers Want from Me?

Hackers don’t care about reading your emails, or your latest tweet. They are hacking in to online companies to steal your personal information because there is a lucrative market for it on the dark web. Buying and selling personal information has become an industry, and business is booming. Hackers will try your stolen password on every banking, retail and investment website to see if you use the same password on other sites. Why do they bother to do this? Simple. It works.

They continue to get away with it because it’s very difficult for law enforcement to stop them. Most hacking operations are set up in countries that don’t have strong privacy laws, don’t have the resources to enforce them or don’t extradite to other countries.

What Can I Do to Protect Myself?

There are ways for each of us to do our part to protect ourselves and minimize the overall damage caused by high-profile data breaches:

Your personal data is very valuable to criminals. Please take these simple steps to help protect it. At First Nebraska Bank, your data security is very important to us. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please stop by your local FNB branch. We’ll be happy to discuss it with you.