January Tips

Avoid These Common Password Mistakes

Well, here we are. The weather is cold in many places, some of the first snowfalls are beginning to fall down from the sky. Winter is upon us. Time to change your password from Fall2020! to Winter2020!… Wait, what?

Changing passwords every 90 days has been the de facto standard for forever. This happens to align quite nicely with changing seasons. While it might seem easiest to incorporate the current season into your updated password, keep in mind that you’re not the only one doing that. In fact, that’s probably one of the first things an attacker will try after your name or your pet’s name if they have it. Trying “winter2020!’ across a large group of computers in your area or workplace is bound to work on at least one.

Next time you update your password, avoid variations of common words and phrases like the current season, the city where you live, local sports teams, etc. It can help keep the bad guys from compromising your computer or network.