December Tips

Are Your Docs Protected in the Dark?

If you’re in Barrow, Alaska, you won’t see the sun again until January 22nd. That’ll be after 82 consecutive days of not seeing the sun. For the rest of us, it’s hard to imagine that much darkness. It only feels that dark for many of us now that daylight savings time is over, and we find ourselves leaving work around dark each day.

As you’ve left your office in the dark, have you ever turned and looked back into the building to see what’s visible from outside? A brightly lit area can be remarkably visible to persons outside (even through sheer curtains).

Walk Around Your Building in the Dark

Try taking a walk around the exterior of your office building or home after dark and looking in the windows to see what has been left out on desks, credenzas, printers, etc. and can be seen from outside. When it’s dark out and the interior lights are on, you may be surprised at what is visible. Bills, credit reports, Christmas shopping lists, tax documents, and other sensitive information may be in view.

Keep a Clean Desk

That’s why a clean desk policy is a great idea. With any area visible from ground-level windows, when you’re not around, keep your desktop free of personally identifiable information. That way, sneaky frauds can’t steal your information through the windows of your office or house.

Still feeling sad about the good people in Barrow who won’t see the sun again for over a month? Remember, in summer they will get almost 82 consecutive days without a single sunset, so they have that going for them. Which is nice.