April Tips

With the number of security breaches that seem to occur each year, it can be challenging to keep track of where your data may have been compromised. Luckily, Mozilla now tracks publicly disclosed breaches here: https://monitor.firefox.com. Keep in mind that newer or undisclosed breaches will most likely not show up on this list. It is a good idea to make a quick checklist when you find out your account has been potentially compromised.

  1. Was any account authentication information stolen? This can include passwords, PINs, or security questions and answers. If so, you need to determine if this information was used on other accounts as well. You should reset any accounts that have reused information.
  2. Was any financial information stolen? For payment information that has been compromised, it is best to be proactive and reach out to the financial organizations before any signs of compromise occur.
  3. Was my contact information compromised? You should consider any contact information such as email address, phone number, or street addresses ripe for an increase in spam and social engineering attacks if it has been exposed. Users should be extra vigilant when it pertains to these accounts, especially after a breach.
  4. Most of us will be victims of a breach at some point if we have not been already. We hope these quick tips help you be proactive when such incidents occur, and help you mitigate some of the impact.