Savings Account

Here’s your basic savings account designed to meet all of your needs. Whether you’re saving for a new car, a vacation or unexpected future expenditures, we’ve got you covered. Activity restrictions apply.

*Federal regulations allow no more than six (6) withdrawals or transfers per month to another account or to a third party if the transactions are pre-authorized or automatic or made by telephone (including data transmission), computer, check, debit card, or similar order (including POS transactions). There is no regulatory limit to the number of withdrawals made in person or at the ATM; however, you may be subject to excessive withdrawal fees.

Little Sprout Savings Account

Turn kids into savers early, and it will be a trait they carry all their lives. The Little Sprout Savings Account is designed for our customers younger than 17 years of age. Activity restrictions apply.

Money Market Investment Account

A cross between a checking and a savings account, our Money Market Investment Account offers tiered interest rates and is designed for customers who maintain higher balances. Activity restrictions apply.

Health Savings Account

Certificates of Deposit

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

In addition, an IRA is not subject to the ups and downs of the financial markets. That means, even if you’re contributing to your retirement through a 401(k), you can benefit from the safety and security of an IRA.

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