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Al Belt

Every quarter, we’re going to be featuring a brief story about a customer – someone whose family, farm or business has grown thanks in part to the financial backing of First Nebraska Bank. Because we’re all about growth, and it all starts with a seed. Which is why the seed is our symbol and our promise to you.

Al Belt, Papillion, NE

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“First Nebraska Bank was the first bank that gave me a chance.” – Al Belt, Al Belt Construction, Inc.

When you visit a First Nebraska Bank branch, you will see this commitment in our people. Most of us, from our owners to our tellers, from our branch Presidents to our loan officers, have lived in your community all of their lives. We are not just your bankers, we’re your friends and neighbors.

So Al did what a lot of people do – he went to the big banks in Omaha to talk to them about growing his business. (To him, First Nebraska Bank was where he kept his checking account, not where he’d go for a business loan.) Unfortunately, none of the big banks in Omaha would give him the time of day.

Al’s dad shared his son’s frustration with Lydell “Woody” Woodbury, a vice president at First Nebraska Bank, who told him that Al should give him a call. Al did just that and ended up coming back at the bank he’d known since he was a kid. Long story short: he got the loan, built the house and over the ensuing 25 years has constructed hundreds of homes across the area.

Al Belt appreciates the value of customer service. He knows that when he does a good job and treats people right, his customers will put in a good word for him the next time they talk to someone in the market for a new home. It’s this same personal connection and commitment to service that has kept him banking with First Nebraska Bank for all these years, whether it was financing his own residence or purchasing his company’s office building to make room for its expansion.

And as with just about anything, the impressive growth that Al’s company has experienced started with a seed – in this case, a loan from a small–town bank that saw something special and worthwhile in a young man with an eye on the future.

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